CrimsonCast Ep 512 - Penn State football preview

September 29, 2017

We start off this preview podcast with Taylor Lehman of, as we discuss IU's injury situation, the oddity of last year's game, and what IU needs to do this year to have a shot at keeping it close against a top 5 opponent on the road. Galen is then joined by Scott Caulfield, and the focus turns to the team's mentality within the game, whether we can read anything into IU's competitive streak against top Big Ten competition, and what exactly would happen if IU pulls off the upset win. Be sure to hit us up with questions and comments on Twitter @CrimsonCast!


CrimsonCast Ep 511 - NCAA Basketball Scandal Analysis

September 28, 2017

On this episode of CrimsonCast, Galen talks with's Jordan Wells about the implications of the scandal that is rocking NCAA basketball, with particular focus on recruiting, the amateur system, and where the scandal might go in the coming weeks and months. We also talk about the implications for Louisville's program, and for other big-time college programs. Finally, Galen describes his theory of origin for the investigation, and the possibilities why it has been so efficient and successful thus far.


CrimsonCast Ep 510 - Georgia Southern Recap episode

September 24, 2017

Scott and Galen break down the Georgia Southern victory and answer a few reader questions in this Sunday edition of CrimsonCast. Was the IU running attack a harbinger of good times on the horizon or a flash in the pan against a weak opponent? Should there be concerns about the passing game's relative lack of effectiveness? Did we learn anything about the quarterback situation? How was this game reminiscent of a non-conference IU basketball game from the past few years? These questions, and more, answered on this weekend's show. Be sure to follow @CrimsonCast for updates on shows and to ask questions.


Rivals Analyst Corey Evans On IU 2018 Targets

September 22, 2017

Host Jordan Wells talks about IU's remaining 2018 targets with Rivals analyst Corey Evans, including the latest on five-star guards Romeo Langford and Darius Garland.


CrimsonCast Ep 509 - IU Football Reset with Taylor Lehman and Michael Rayome

September 22, 2017

Galen is joined on this week's podcast by's Taylor Lehman, and by Punt John Punt's Michael Rayome. The trio talk about their overall impressions of IU football through two games on the season, with particular focus on the running game, offensive line, and quarterback situation. They also discuss the implications of the rotating quarterback plan, and delve into which games on IU's schedule are the most crucial for the Hoosiers to win now that the Virginia game has been taken care of.


Southport Basketball Assistant Coach Tony Adragna

September 21, 2017

Host Stu Jackson is joined by Southport assistant basketball coach Tony Adragna to discuss the Southport staff's experience at Archie Miller's team camp this summer, the new direction of the program under Miller and more. 


Talking In-State 2020 Prospects With Jim Reamer

September 15, 2017

Host Jordan Wells talks with contributor Jim Reamer about the state's top 2020 basketball prospects.

00:0000:00’s Scott Agness Talks IU Football, Basketball and Victor Oladipo

September 12, 2017

Host Stu Jackson is joined by founder and editor Scott Agness to discuss a number of topics on IU football and basketball, including Saturday's football game getting canceled, his thoughts on the basketball program under Archie Miller and former IU guard Victor Oladipo coming to the Indiana Pacers and more. 


CrimsonCast Ep 508 - The Day After - IUFB at Virginia

September 10, 2017

Scott and Galen break down the key elements of IU's impressive road win against Virginia yesterday, and answer reader questions about Peyton Ramsey and the quarterback position, the running backs, and the officiating. We also talk about what the game means in the big scheme of things for this year's team, and why it is a better performance to judge this IU team on than the Ohio State game from a week earlier.


CrimsonCast Ep 507 - IU-Virginia Preview

September 8, 2017
Scott talks with Brad Franklin of to preview the IU vs UVA game tomorrow. They talk about the turnover streak that Virginia broke in their home opener this season and how this game against IU is breaking tradition of their usual bad non-conference scheduling.  Brad breaks down the keys for UVA and how Bronco Mendenhall is preparing the Cavs for IU's pace.  They also talk about how the UVA coaching staff is viewing this game as a measuring stick for their program. 
They also talk a little basketball and discuss Tony Bennett's name coming up in coaching carousal rumors.