CrimsonCast Ep 528 - Purdue Recap / Season Post-Mortem

November 26, 2017

We take the first 30 minutes or so to dissect the loss at Purdue, which unfortunately ended Indiana football's 2017 campaign. Lots of focus on the conservative playcalling, the self-inflicted wounds, and the odd lack of energy and enthusiasm compared to the Boilermakers. We then pivot to talking about the season as a whole, the things that kept IU from making a third consecutive bowl, and the concerns and comments from listeners about the team and the coaching staff. Finally, we talk about the situation moving forward for IU football. How well does the program handle recruiting this off-season? What's the outlook for next year, and is there reason to be optimistic? Do we foresee any changes on the staff? Those questions and more, on this final football podcast of the 2017 season.