CrimsonCast Ep 539 - Student Attendance podcast special with Chronic Hoosier

February 18, 2018

There were a lot of angry tweets and accusatory message board posts after Wednesday's home game versus Illinois, and all the negativity was directed at the student section, which had some notable holes in it. This wasn't the first time in the last few years that we've seen attendance issues, so the big question is --- what's the deal? Is this a huge issue? What is causing IU students to not fill the gaps in the stands as everyone had grown accustomed to them doing over the years?

To try to answer these questions, we brought on our good friend Chronic Hoosier to have a detailed discussion about the history of the IU student ticket allotment, the changing nature of the fan experience in Assembly Hall over the years, the current factors affecting student attendance, and the long term prognosis.