Previewing IU Basketball vs. Louisville with Publisher Howie Lindsey

December 7, 2018

Host Stu Jackson is joined by Howie Lindsey, Louisville First host on 790KRD and publisher of the Louisville Rivals site, for insight on the Cardinals ahead of Saturday's contest between IU and U of L in Bloomington. 


Staff Conversation On IU’s Win At Penn State, FORUM Tipoff Classic

December 5, 2018's Stu Jackson and Jon Sauber discuss IU's road win at Penn State and look ahead to Saturday's FORUM Tipoff Classic which will feature multiple IU recruiting targets. 


CrimsonCast Ep 576 - Grinding out victories

December 2, 2018

We pick things up in the aftermath of IU's 68-66 victory over Northwestern, and talk about the positive and negative aspects of the team through the first month of the season. Galen gives his reflections of the road trip to Cameron Indoor Stadium, and we chat a bit about "The Last Days of Knight" and the late 90s in Indiana basketball.


CrimsonCast Ep 575 - The end of football, plus a little hoops talk

November 25, 2018

Indiana Football's season came to an end on Saturday, losing a home Old Oaken Bucket game to Purdue 28-21. We break down the loss and talk about what went wrong for the Hoosiers this year, and take questions from our Twitter and live chat audiences on the current state of the program, the future prospects of IU football, and more. 

We also get a short amount of men's basketball talk in at the end of the podcast, talking about the holiday week games, the issues with fatigue and injury, and whether there are causes for panic or concern with this roster.


Previewing IU Football vs. Purdue With’s Matthew Stevens

November 23, 2018

Host Stu Jackson is joined by Matthew Stevens, football beat writer for the Purdue Rivals site, for insight on the Boilermakers ahead of Saturday's rivalry game. 


CrimsonCast Ep 574 - Feast Week! Football and Basketball talk

November 20, 2018

It's feast week, so that means a lot of talk about both IU football and basketball. We start with football, revisiting the Michigan game and talking about whether there are any implications worth drawing from that effort. That then turns into a discussion about the setup of this Purdue game, how positively things have fallen for IU in the lead-up to the Bucket Game...and how vital it is that Indiana wins this football game, for a variety of reasons.

Our attention then shifts to basketball, as we discuss the Marquette victory and Arkansas loss, and look at the deeper implications of the first four games of the season as we preview the UT-Arlington and UC-Davis games. All of that, plus listener questions and more. 


Previewing Indiana Football at No. 4 Michigan With Senior Editor Chris Balas

November 16, 2018

Host Stu Jackson is joined by Chris Balas of the Michigan Rivals site for insight on the No. 4 Wolverines ahead of Saturday's game in Ann Arbor. 


CrimsonCast Ep 572 - Talking IU Football And Basketball With’s Ken Bikoff

November 13, 2018
Scott talked with Ken Bikoff of Peegs about what it's like to host the IU Football postgame show, then discuss what we can expect from the remainder of the IU Football season, and what can make this season a success.  (Hint, in involves beating Purdue and going to a bowl).
Then they preview the upcoming IU basketball season and look at the ceiling and floor possibilities of this team, and how the level of recruiting has really been upgraded in such a short period of time. 

CrimsonCast Ep 571 - Maryland Recap and Basketball Update

November 11, 2018

On the latest episode of CrimsonCast, the guys talk both football and basketball. IU's fifth football win is first on the docket, as we discuss what led to the victory, the sudden emergence of Deep Threat Peyton Ramsey, and how the statistics painted a far different picture of the game than the final score did. We then take some listener questions, before moving on to basketball. We offer our thoughts on the performances from the first two games of the season, and on the early emergence of Evan Fitzner as a contributor.


Previewing IU Football vs. Maryland with Terrapin Sports Report’s Scott Greene

November 9, 2018

Host Stu Jackson is joined by Scott Greene, managing editor of Terrapin Sports Report - the Maryland Rivals site - for insight on Maryland heading into Saturday's game in Bloomington.