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CrimsonCast Ep 597 - Mailbag Part One

June 27, 2019

CrimsonCast does an all-questions episode! Lots of questions came in from both Twitter and TheHoosier.com, and we tackled a bunch of them. We start off with football, talking about skill position depth, the potential impact of the new offensive coordinator, long-term program stability, and the differences between Indiana and Wisconsin or Iowa. 

At the 51:30 mark we switch over to basketball and talk about the sudden departure of Ed Schilling, whether Archie Miller's seat gets hot with a missed NCAA Tournament this year, and the concept of identity for IU basketball going into 2019-20.

We did not get to all the questions asked on this episode, but we will be back next month with a follow-up where we'll deal with the rest of them. You can always contact the podcast or ask questions by hitting us up at @CrimsonCast on Twitter.